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For serious students who wish to learn professional trading, Mr. Jenkins has written the following books: The Geometry of Stock Market Profits A Guide to Professional Trading For A Living ($50) and Chart Reading For Professional Traders ($75). These are considered to be a set with the Chart Reading book the suggested first reading. Topics covered include a complete start to finish chart reading course with numerous examples of trading stocks and commodities. Heavy emphasis is made of the W.D. Gann theory of which Mr. Jenkins is considered one of the foremost experts in the country. If you study the material in these books you will be able to accurately determine any trend in any type of market and will be able to accurately forecast market movements for months ahead of time and in many cases down to the hour for day trading purposes. Many secret tips on options, cycles, and forecasting are revealed that alone often cost hundreds of dollars in other courses. These books are a must have for any serious market student. To view some sample pages from each book including the Table of Contents you may download some information sheets in Adobe PDF format by clicking on GEOBOOK.PDF. and CHARTBOOK.PDF. this is the books description paragraphs
NEW-Stock Trading Using Planetary Cycles - The Gann Method Volume 1 ($425 US - includes all postage) . This book is the most recent work, just completed in January 2014. It is the only book that covers the secret astrological methods of W.D. Gann and shows how he actually drew his trendlines or as he called them - timing angles- as well as his method of determining cycles and predicting when a stock or commodity would make a high or low. Nothing like this is in print elsewhere and much of it is unknown to the vast majority of technicians and even those who call themselves practitioners of the Gann Method. Proprietary software is included to make all the calculations and instruction easy to understand and apply. Read more about this incredible book here-  Stock Trading Using Planetary Cycles
NEW-Stock Trading Using Planetary Cycles - The Gann Method Volume II ($400 US - includes all postage) . This book is the second volume to the Gann Planetary set and shows more advanced techniques and the very secretive astrological and numerological tweaks that make all the difference in the world in getting the turns precisely right. NOTE: This volume II CAN ONLY be bought by previous buyers of Volume I since it requires the software given out with that volume. If you would like to buy both volumes at the same time as a set I will sell both at the discounted price of $700 for both.Read more about this incredible book here-  Stock Trading Using Planetary Cycles Vol II
NEW-Gann Astro Vol III - Advanced Astrology - Horoscopes and Trading Methods ($430 US - includes all postage) . This book is the third volume to the Gann Planetary set and teaches how to use the birth date horoscopes to forecast future highs and lows. Is quite advanced and needs serious study. There are numerological translations which show key degrees in the horoscope that no other astro work knows about or can teach. NOTE: This volume III CAN ONLY be bought by previous buyers of Volume I since it requires the software given out with that volume. If you would like to buy all three volumes at the same time as a set I will sell all three at the discounted price of $1000. Read more about this incredible book here-  Advanced Astro Vol III
Basic Day Trading Techniques ($125 US - includes all postage) . This book is all about professional day trading and shows the specific steps he takes each day to make the trades he does. He tells you how to set up your computer time frames, how to tell what the trend is, how to properly draw angles, how to determine support and resistance and many professional day trading secrets he has learned over 42 years as a professional trader. Topics covered include how to determine the trend on any chart and find the appropiate points to buy and sell and place stops. Mr.Jenkins shows reliable forecasting methods to trade with as well as revealing his revolutionary new secret the 'Jenkins Time Conversion Bar' which translates time into prices so you know the exact amount of a correction following any advance. There are numerous trade secrets revealed and tips on watching options and arbitrage programs to tell the direction of the market. This is a practical book whose objective is to teach you exactly how to trade step by step. If you can't trade and make money every day after reading this book and following the advice, then you will never be able to trade. If you have read any of the other fine books Mr.Jenkins has written, then you know the high quality this book represents and the value to you as an investor. The ideas in this book are priceless. Learn from a 42 year professional trading veteran. It will be a wise investment. This book is a 'step up' and more advanced from the Chart Reading and Geo Books (above) and is more recent.
Known to many as Michael S. Jenkins’ greatest book “The Secret Science of the Stock Market” is a 'must have'. In this book Mr. Jenkins gives a start to finish ‘scientific’ examination of time and price forecasting techniques starting with basic line vectors and advances the concepts to circles, squares, triangles, logarithms, music structure and ratio analysis. These concepts are developed into a comprehensive method that allows you to forecast any market with great accuracy. Mr. Jenkins demonstrates how a few simple calculations would have predicted many of the greatest stock market swings of the past several decades with accuracy down to the day and price targets within one point on the market averages. This new book advances the work started in his other books and course but goes much further revealing little known secret methods only a very small handful of professionals know and in many cases he reveals proprietary techniques never before revealed to the public at any price. The chapter on the Gann Square of Nine is much more complete than 90% of courses available selling for hundreds to thousands of dollars more. This chapter alone is worth several times the cost of the book but the secret ratio analysis at the end of the book will truly change your trading habits forever. When you finish this book there is little left to learn about advanced trading and forecasting techniques with the rare exception of astrological methods, which are not covered in this work. This book goes from beginning concepts to the most advanced so anyone can greatly benefit from reading it. All concepts are demonstrated with actual chart histories. It is not, however, for the casual investor who does not want to take the time to calculate a simple square root on a hand held calculator. If you liked the previous books, then this one will easily surpass your expectations. Below are just a few examples of the powerful techniques you will learn from reading this book.

Click here Secret Science.pdf to see detailed projection techniques in the book.

The Greatest Breakthrough in Technical Analysis In History: Michael S. Jenkins masterpiece 'Square The Range Trading System'

After 42 years of in depth study of charts Michael Jenkins has deciphered the breakthrough key element of every chart that reveals all the fluctuations in the future with a simple technique that anyone can use and understand with only a brief introductory education on reading a chart. There is no longer a necessity to use moving averages, or advanced technical tools or expensive cycle programs. A simple chart and trendline and perhaps a circle will give you everything you will ever need to trade on ANY time frame from 1 minute to monthly. Obviously such a simple approach might miss a few small signals but that's usually only because of the inaccuracy of the chart or the users drawing skills. The vast majority of major turns can be easily spotted and a simple trading plan developed for execution on key dates. This S&P daily chart from the March 6, 2009 low was quickly constructed in less than two minutes with this technique, but keep in mind that the book shows several advanced methods to see the 'patterns' that repeat as well as the 'mirror image' repetitions. SEE MORE...