In May 2009 Mr. Jenkins gave an hour and a half presentation before the Market Technicians Association(MTA) in which he explained many of his proprietary methods and showed how to calculate many of the highs and lows since 1998 exactly to the day and within a few cents of the actual price. Below are a few representative examples of this incredible $30 purchase. This is an MP4 film that can be viewed on a PC or MAC, and includes a PowerPoint slide show. This incredible presentation is being sold AT COST of $30 non-US, or $20 US to cover postage and handling. You won't see a bargain like this anywhere!
     You can order with a check to: Stock Cycles Forecast, PO BOX 568561, Orlando, FL 32856-8561, or with a credit card at and 'Send Money to" or you can use

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