MSJ Personal Seminars

      For advanced students who have mastered all the books out there and need to know the "final" Gann secret, Mr. Jenkins by appointment, holds private "one on one" all day seminars in which he reveals to advanced students the lost Gann secrets that can never be put into print but are only verbally transmitted. This instruction is usually reserved for special students and is not always available to the general public but if you feel you qualify or have special needs for instruction, please email us at for more information. In general, you should know most of the typical Gann techniques and course material such as Mr. Jenkins books and courses as well as a good working knowledge of Gann's astrological teachings and Square of Nine use. At a minimum, it is expected that you have read and understand Mr. Jenkins 'Secret Science' book. The cost of these all day seminars is $5,000 US, or $6,500 US for a two day option that spreads out the teaching and gives more time for practical demonstrations using 'live' data and your specialized input. These teachings are held in New York City (unless you are willing to pay expenses for Mr. Jenkins to travel to you), and they are usually given on a Saturday or Sunday as Mr. Jenkins trades full time as an occupation. Occasionally a Friday date can be arraigned. This is a full day, 9 AM to 5 PM lesson and there is an enormous amount of material to learn. You will receive a nearly 300 page printed book with all the exhibits showing the methods and you will also get a dozen or so proprietary computer programs that do the calculations necessary as most commercial programs don't know how to do them. A few of the topics covered are as follows:

You will learn how to use arcs, trendlines, and JTTL's to predict turning points and price levels.

You will learn the secret method W.D. Gann used with the Square of Nine with numbers and planets to forecast dates and prices of market turns.

You will learn how to start with the origin date of a bull market and predict the ending date, many times to the day.

You will learn a method using proprietary angles to forecast each swing high and low giving both a date and a price to be hit.

You will see a couple of methods using intra-day one minute to five minute charts that can correctly predict many consecutive reversal points to the very bar each day.

You will learn how price levels forecast future price levels and ending points and why only SPECIFIC prices on SPECIFIC dates can be final highs and lows.

You will also learn a method to identify 'slingshot' patterns that reverse dramatically resulting in excellent options trading strategies.

There is much, much more that is covered but in summary when you finish this teaching you will understand exactly why the market tops and bottoms on certain dates and at what prices, and you will finally feel confident that you will no longer be looking for major reversals in trend every week but will have a high confidence as to when to expect them and at what price level. Most people who have taken the seminar usually say things like "I never even dreamed things like this existed or were even possible" or, "Why do you teach this stuff- its too valuable to let out!" A few of the participants over the past few years have become millionaires after taking the course and write me all the time how grateful they are for having had this opportunity. I urge you to take the time and email me with an inquiry as it will be the best investment you will ever make. My appointment schedule also gets rather full at certain times of the year so if you have a serious interest you should make plans now. If you trade for a living or just manage your retirement funds, the cost of the teaching can often be made up on the first day back at work. Seminars for the general public are also held at various times and locations so email us if you have an interest or would like to organize one. Mr. Jenkins is also available on occasions for business audience speaking engagements if market trading conditions permit. The charts at right will demonstrate just a few of the lessons you will learn in this seminar. If you look at these charts you will see that this information is priceless. No one else can do this except my students. Why waste your time trying to re-invent the wheel when you can take advantage of my 42 years of hard research culminating in these discoveries. The method is quite simple once it's known. You can change your life if you choose. Mr Jenkins also does personal instruction via SKYPE at a rate of $500 per hour on any subject you want to cover.

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